Utility token

Declance token is at the heart of Declance's growth strategy. With its help, we will create a powerful, secure, and user-friendly system for the blockchain industry.

  • Token name: Declance

  • Token Ticker: DCA

  • Contract: 0x760158C3aaBf6973C1c79060741f03BAe26b515F

  • Maximum Supply: 420,000,000

  • Mintable: Fixed Supply

  • Blockchain: Binance Bep-20

Intended Function & Application

The Declance token, represented by the symbol $DCA, is a pivotal component of the Declance environment, operating on the Binance Smart Chain as an Bep-20 token. This utility token offers users access to an array of services.

Transactions within the Declance environment can be facilitated using the Declance tokens ($DCA). This positions the currency as a central element of the platform, propelling its economic dynamics.

$DCA serves as a digital medium simplifying and powering service exchanges within our micro-economy. Through the DCA token, users seamlessly connect to our Web3 platform.

The utility of the Declance token spans various functions, essentially acting as the primary energy source for the Declance ecosystem. Its uses include:

  • Covering fees for the PAYG model.

  • Staking incentives

  • Engaging with the Decentralized Arbitrage System (DAS).

  • Governance

  • Receiving activity-based incentives.

  • Benefiting from referral programs.

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