Declance Team

We are a network of individuals who are adaptable, dependable, and persistent, and who have the necessary skills, prior development experience, strong professional backgrounds, and entrepreneurial inclinations and talents. Diverse abilities are brought together by a common goal.

  1. Blockchain Developers: Our team of skilled blockchain developers is the backbone of our platform. They develop and maintain our blockchain infrastructure, build our smart contracts, and ensure the security of our platform.

  2. Marketing Team: The Declance Marketing team leverages its deep understanding of our target audience to design and implement marketing strategies that attract and retain users.

  3. Product Managers: They lead the development and improvement of our suite of services, ensuring that our products meet user needs and are easy to use.

  4. Community Managers: The Community Manager is the voice of our brand in the crypto community. They engage with our users and the wider public on social media and other communication channels, building relationships and managing our online reputation.

Together, our team combines a variety of skills and experiences to deliver a top-tier, integrated blockchain platform that meets the needs of our users and pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the blockchain space.

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