Trading cryptocurrencies carry a high level of risk. Our offer is directed to individuals who are experienced professionals familiar with Blockchain technologies, and cryptocurrency trading. By participating in this ICO, the investor should accept the security risks and potential financial losses. The participant declares that he is aware of the legal uncertainty related to this type of service and that he has conducted his due diligence research on the compliance of the services offered by DCA. Anyone who buys the tokens acknowledges the project's technological and economic uncertainty presented in the White Paper. Therefore, participants are aware of the lack of possibility to take any legal action against the project in the event of the project's failure or non-performance, and the event of a decline or even total loss of value of the token. The purchase of the DCA token allows you to use the created platform and benefit from the mentioned incentives.


We evaluate several critical elements and one of the primary considerations is your jurisdiction. Residence and the locations where you operate are crucial in our due diligence process and will play a significant role in our decision on whether we can collaborate with you or your firm during our token sale and validation offers.

Regarding restricted jurisdictions, this refers to

  1. Nations or areas that are currently subject to international sanctions.

  2. Nations or areas where our operations are not permitted under their existing regulations.

  3. Additionally, we reserve the right to classify countries or regions as restricted if they exhibit a substantial level of financial crime-related risk, at our sole discretion."

No other rights are transferred to the token holders

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