Personal/Institutional tailored

As a maturing infrastructure, Declance is actively exploring opportunities to offer businesses and individuals access to our services through an API endpoint.

While this business model is not our primary go-to-market strategy, we remain open to its implementation in response to demonstrated demand.

The advantages of this plan would be:

  • Zero Transaction Fees: Subscribers enjoy zero transaction fees across the AI-based swaps, P2P platform, and staking

  • Priority Customer Support: Users have access to priority customer support, ensuring faster response times and issue resolution.

  • Early Access: Subscribers receive early access to new features, integrations, or partner offerings. This also includes the ability to participate in beta tests.

  • Premium Staking Opportunities: Subscribers receive more lucrative staking opportunities or higher staking rewards. Premium staking opportunity.

  • Enhanced Security Features: Additional security features such as increased withdrawal limits, advanced encryption, and or even hardware key options.

  • Exclusive Market Insights: Access to market analysis reports, expert webinars, and industry updates which provide subscribers with valuable knowledge and potentially advantageous trading strategies.

  • Discounts on Partner Services: By Collaborating with other fintech services premium users get discounts on their offerings, adding more value to the subscription.

  • Verified badges

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