Vendor's & Project Owners

  1. OTC Vendors or Traders:

    • Individuals or companies facilitating direct trades.

    • Market makers providing liquidity for specific cryptocurrency pairs.

    • OTC desks on exchanges or institutions handling large trades.

  2. Project Owners:

    • Teams or entities behind specific cryptocurrencies or blockchain projects.

    • Token issuers creating and issuing tokens for their projects.

    • Submit applications to list tokens on decentralized OTC platforms.

    • Emphasize community engagement for project development and decision-making.

    • Define token utility within the project ecosystem.

User flows of the OTC platform

  1. Effortless Deal Creation:

    • Utilize the Deal Creation Wizard for swift and easy OTC deal setup.

  2. Secured Transactions:

    • Trustless Escrow ensures the security of transactions through smart contracts.

  3. Flexible Trading Options:

    • Enable Fractional Execution to sell OTC deals to multiple buyers with customizable min and max buying amounts.

  4. Cross-Chain Compatibility:

    • Access multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Solana, etc., for enhanced flexibility.

  5. Administrative Control:

    • Admin features include deal approval, asset approval or banning, and wallet whitelisting or blacklisting.

  6. Audience Segmentation:

    • Effortlessly create and manage multiple OTC Desks for clear audience separation.

  7. Tailored Fee Structures:

    • Customize your fee structure by setting transaction fees, finders fees, or earning on spreads.

  8. Asset Protection Mechanisms:

    • Implement Locks/Vesting options to prevent immediate reselling, particularly useful for teams engaging with VCs.

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